Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Frequently Asked Questions from GRSP Applicants

Students from any PhD-granting university in the United States are eligible to apply.

No. US citizenship is not a requirement of this program. However, non-citizens should be well versed on their current visa status and work with their campus immigration office to ensure this program is a good fit.

Yes. Tuition and fees are covered up to $20,000 annually.

No. GRSP students are appointed as subcontractors but are still expected to follow all policies and procedures including security requirements, environmental, safety and health requirements, and personnel policies and procedures.

As subcontractors, students in the Graduate Research Scholar Program are not eligible for medical, dental, or vision coverage. Students are encouraged to utilize the coverage provided by their university. GRSP students do not accrue sick or vacation leave.

No. Unfortunately students are not able to utilize this option.

Yes. Depending on the requirements of your graduate program, any comprehensive and/or qualifying exam(s) must be passed in order to be eligible. This requirement is intended to ensure that the student is prepared and approved to pursue his/her thesis research full time.

No. Required coursework and comprehensive and/or qualifying exams must be completed before applying.

You are expected to perform the majority of your graduate research at LLNL.

Graduate Research Scholars are paid an annual salary of $42,000 ($3,500/month). In order to comply with visa requirements, foreign national students might be required to work and be paid on a modified schedule, but their annual salary remains the same.

This can take some time. Students at the beginning of their graduate studies might consider postponing their application until the following year in order to build a relationship with an LLNL researcher. It is also recommended that students and their advisors explore the LLNL web site for information on the latest research and current projects. Contact names for each program are listed on the web pages.

Yes. The start date for a student with another fellowship will be set to occur after the previous fellowship ends.

Students are expected to spend their full energies on the thesis research supported under the appointment, and therefore may not accept additional fellowships or outside work without prior approval from LLNL. Such requests are normally approved only for financial hardship, extenuating circumstances, or when it is required by the thesis advisor as part of the graduate student's program.

The program has two annual requirements for all students. A progress report that has been approved by the thesis advisor and the technical supervisor must be submitted each year. In addition, students are required to participate in an annual poster symposium.

Yes. The technical supervisor should be prepared to provide office and/or lab space for the GRSP student.

Yes. A computer will be provided by the technical supervisor to suit the needs of the student.

The GRSP is considered a successful recruitment tool for LLNL. Every effort is made to help students nearing the end of their graduate program to identify potential job opportunities following the award of their PhD.