Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Graduate students currently at Ph.D.-granting universities in the United States who have completed their core courses and any relevant comprehensive and/or qualifying examination in order to pursue research leading to a Ph.D. degree may apply for a graduate research appointment under the following criteria:

  1. The graduate research must be primarily carried out at LLNL
  2. The graduate research plan is submitted jointly by the student, the student's thesis advisor, and the LLNL technical supervisor, and should result in joint publications

Graduate research under this program consists of a team with three members including:

  1. The graduate student
  2. The student's thesis advisor
  3. A LLNL technical supervisor (Please note: LLNL technical supervisor must be established prior to application)

All three members must agree on a research program that is relevant to the programmatic interest of the Laboratory and advances the student toward the desired graduate degree. This program must be described in the student’s LGSP application and updated in yearly progress reports, if selected.


Students must be full-time graduate students pursuing a Ph.D.

Students are expected to have completed the majority of their graduate coursework and have successfully passed any required comprehensive examinations.

Students must have a thesis advisor and an identified LLNL technical supervisor.